Your Legal Journey Begins Here

Navigating the legal system can be a challenge, whether it’s Small Claims Court, landlord tenant issues, provincial offences or the Highway Traffic Act. To prevail in these arenas takes knowledge, integrity and determination.  Behar Paralegal has all these qualities.

From the moment your case begins, right through the final judgment, I will guide you through the journey and advocate fearlessly to get the best result possible. As a Law Society of Ontario licensee and your representative, I will use all my knowledge and determination, keep you informed and protect your interests.

With Joseph Behar, you get a true advocate.

Call or write for a no charge, no obligation consultation. I’ll assess your case and give you all your options.

“I was very impressed by the work that Joseph did for us
He made a great effort and always made time for all of us”...Cherryl S.

tel: 647-525-4990


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